About the Artist

Minnie Igne is an artist, illustrator & designer based in SoCal. Being born and raised on O’ahu, Hawaii has influenced her colors by it’s natural beauty & landscape of the Islands. Her creativity is deeply rooted in her Filipino-American heritage, as well as being versatile ranging from traditional art, digital media, graphic illustration, and over 25 years background in fashion design.

Her expressions of capturing the light of her muses are inspired by people and nature that resonates from within. Constantly being innovative with a variety of styles, techniques, and mediums (oil, acryic, guoache, charcoal, pastels, resin, washi and origami paper) result in her gorgeous portrait and figurative pieces of women, florals and landscapes.

Discovering Minnie’s creative potential, coming full-circle - this mom of seven has attended the Academy of Art University in Fine Arts and continues to grow alongside her mentors (Elli & Dimitra Milan of the Milan Art Institute and Hawaii Artist Patrick Ching). When Minnie is not painting, she enjoys cooking, baking, traveling and visiting her family in Hawaii. She teaches art workshops, volunteers her time in the classroom with kids, serves on the board of STRIVE2B Empowered, a non-profit organization in Hawaii and most recently, Member-At-Large for Pomona Valley Art Association in SoCal.