About the Artist

Commissioned by clients who desire originality, Minnie Igne is an award-winning
creative artist & designer based in SoCal, who’s work is valued by art-collectors

Being born and raised on O’ahu, Hawaii, Minnie’s color usage is influenced by the
island's natural beauty and landscape. Although Minnie’s creativity is deeply rooted in her Filipino-American heritage and by her parents who were craftsmen. She didn't choose art as her career; instead, attended school for Business Administration and became an entrepreneur in the fashion/garment industry. Creativity never left her side - art came in all forms ranging from digital media, graphic illustration, set production, costumes and tailored clothing.

Minnie is inspired by the light resonating from within her muses and is able to capture that inspiration in her expressions of people and nature. Constantly being innovative with a variety of styles, techniques, and mediums (oils, acrylic, gouache, charcoal, pastels, resin, mica flakes, and collage using washi and origami paper) result in her gorgeous floral, landscapes, and portrait & figurative artwork.

Discovering her creative potential - coming full-circle after 25 years, this mom of seven realized that her passion for art was not going to escape her again. She has attended the Academy of Art University in Fine Arts & graduated from the Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute. Minnie is always learning and growing from her mentors (Elli & Dimitra Milan and Hawaii Nature Artist Patrick Ching).

When Minnie is not painting, she enjoys sewing, cooking, baking, traveling and visiting her family in Hawaii. She is a volunteer at an elementary school classroom; serves on the board of STRIVE2B Empowered (501c3 in HI); and, as the Member at Large for the Pomona Valley Art Association.

She envisions empowering others to express themselves creatively through art, have her art on her own clothing line and collaborate with other creatives on projects big or small.

I love collaborating with other people and brands. Would you love a personal painting from me? Develop a new product, collab on an album cover or photography? Let's connect and bring inspiration to others all over the world!
Please contact me for pricing on Murals. Prices are based on square footage of the area and complexity of the project, minimum fee, that may include but not limited to transportation, lodging and meals.